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Tamron’s Mobile Learning Center is making an official tour stop at Focal Point Photography. Get your photo qustions answered all day. Test drive the latest in Tamron technology. Take free mini-seminars and then try out Tamron lenses with our organized photo shoots. Specials on Tamron lenses for all attendees. Giveaways at the end of each mini-seminar. Don’t miss this fun opportunity to learn and put your new skills to the test.
No sign up required. Free for all attendees.


Photo Tips and Techniques from Tamron’s Photography Tech Team



Seminar 1: 10:15AM – 11:00AM
FREE for all attendees

Whether you are in a secluded natural setting or in an exotic city, these simple techniques will help you get that one-of-a-kind photograph. In this session, we will cover everything from capturing a stunning sunrise to exposing that perfect nightscape, including what to pack when you are traveling. We will cover the conventional way to shoot amazing images and then look at some great experimental methods. And we will even have time for a live shoot to hone your photo-chops.

Note: Bring Your Camera –
Hand- on Shooting
(11:15AM – 12:15PM)



Seminar 2: 12:30PM – 1:15PM
FREE for all attendees

With an entire new world only inches away, it is no wonder that more and more people are getting the bug for macro photography. During this session, we will start by defining macro basics and then discover how subtle movements can mean better results. Learn how to identify unique subjects, reduce background distractions and make sense out of an abstracted scene. We will also cover all of the equipment you need to create macro images with impact. And finally, there will be a chance to put those new skills to use with a live macro shoot.

Note: Bring Your Camera –
Hands-on Shooting
(1:30PM – 2:30PM)



Seminar 3: 2:45PM – 3:30PM
FREE for all attendees

Understanding light is the key to great photography. When it comes to photographing people, knowing how to look for and manipulate light is a skill that often takes years to master. But once you start to see it, you can’t un-see it! In this session, we will teach you a few shortcuts that you can replicate virtually anywhere, with anyone. And we will even have a live shooting station, so you’ll walk away with a real hands-on experience.

Note: Bring Your Camera –
Hands-on Shooting
(3:45PM – 4:45PM)

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