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Camera Gear

Focal Point is excited to announce that Sony’s Bonus Trade Program is back! This Time it’s only at Focal Point, you won’t find these deals online right now. As you all know Focal Point is no stranger to taking in used gear, but right now Sony is giving you extra money on top of your normal trade value!


Call or come by for more details! 

How does it work?

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’ve been eyeing a new Sony A7III. Right now after a $200 instant rebate its’ selling for $1,800. Now you’ve got an old Canon lens laying around that you aren’t using. You bring it to Focal Point and we give you a quote of $100. Now this is where the fun begins. In addition to our $100, Sony gives you an extra $200 on top!

Let’s look at the math.

 So in this case you are only spending $1500 for a camera that is normally $2,000! Of course if you trade in more valuable gear you’ll be doing even better. The trade can be any working interchangeable camera body or lens. Film or digital!

Full Price $2000
Instant Rebate -$200
Current Online Price $1800
Trade Value -$100
Bonus Trade -$200
Final Price $1500

Download the link below and see all the current bonus trade offers. If you have more questions please give us a call or drop by the shop. This offer expires June 30 2020 so don’t wait too long!