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Rental rates are based on a daily rate. Any day before 3:00 pm the rental is due by close of the next business day, after 3:00 pm it’s due back the day after the next business day. Friday after 3:00 pm would be due Monday by 6:00 pm. The minimum rental is one day. Weekly rental is four times the day rate. Monthly is 14 times the day rate. Camera club members will receive an extra day at no charge. As with anything here at FP we try to be accommodating and flexible. Any special requests just ask us, we will try to accommodate.


Rentals will only be made to those firms or individuals who have a rental account with Focal Point. All payment arrangements must be made prior to the release of any equipment. For those firms or individuals who do not have an existing account with Focal Point, we will require a credit card for depository purposes. This deposit will be waived with proof of insurance. Payment in full is expected at the beginning of the rental period. At the time of the rental there will be a preauthorized amount set with a major credit card company before rental items can be released to Lessee.